Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Somehow we always say the least
to those we love the best
And hope our thoughts are understood
although they're unexpressed 
That's why it means so very much, 
when days like this are here
To say how very much you're loved
each day throughout the year

To my mummy ---> Hajah Fatima and all the momies out there --> Cathj, Auntie Liau, Ina, Ajelin, Blossom, Momiecay and semua-semua...



Anonymous said...

Oit... kau dari Mekah ka ni? Kirim salam mummy mu, eca and mimi aa...

AragangTandik said...

Terima kasih atas ingatan - Salam sayang dari auntie liau untuk Hjh Fatima & Kee Ilias dan kamu semua disana.

Ina said...

tq aunty mimi!! how's umrah?

Cath J said...

Thank you my fren!!!!! sudah sampai tanah suci ke belum ni??? :-D