Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Her Mother's Daughter

Lately aku minat sangat tengok drama-drama filipin.  Bukan lagi lately… memang sejak aku ada astro beyond, aku gila sangat tengok siaran astrobella 133.  Boleh dikatakan sejak aku cuti tanpa gaji/berenti kerja… nahhh ini saja la kerjaku.  Tengok drama filipin 24/7.  Hehehe.  Nasib decorder boleh merakam.  So, kalau aku pigi berjalan tu, boleh la tengok semula rakaman.

Yang terhangat sangat aku minat drama yang ditayang di astrobella ni bertajuk HER MOTHERS DAUGHTER a.k.a INA KAPATID ANAK.  Disiarkan di astrobella 133 setiap Isnin hingga Jumaat jam 11.00 malam.  Kalau tak sempat tengok jam 11.00malam, boleh tengok ulang tayangnya setiap Sabtu dan Ahad bermula jam 12malam hingga 2.00pagi kalau tak silap.  Jarang la aku tengok ulang tayang sebab aku tak pernah miss tengok jam 11.00malam.  Hehehe.

Drama ini mengisahkan…. aduhh panjang bah kalau aku mo cerita di sini. Jadi aku pigi google… so kamu baca summary nya di bawah ni ya.

Celyn Buenaventura was an ambitious and kind working-class girl living in Cebu with her widowed mother, Theresa Apolinario. One day, she received an acceptance letter from the University of the Philippines Diliman, but Theresa was furious and refused to let her go. Celyn thus travelled alone to Manila, and upon arriving was employed by the owner of a carinderia, who allowed her to sleep in the eatery. On the first day of school, Celyn met Margaux Marasigan, the daughter of Julio and Beatrice Marasigan, owners of the famous Memorata shoe company. Margaux lived the luxurious life of an heiress, and Celyn looked up to her in admiration. Celyn also met her friends, Ethan Castillo and Liam Lagdameo; she and Liam were initially irritated with each other and she remembered Ethan from a childhood incident where he seemingly saved her life. Celyn and Margaux eventually became bestfriends and Celyn found out that Ethan and Margaux were lovers. Margaux may have led a life like a princess, but she was often concerned about her mother's strictness. Margaux follows everything Beatrice says, but she knows that her family is against Ethan. They kept their relationship a secret. Celyn found out that Liam has a lifelong crush with Margaux, which was his bestfriend. They promised not to tell anyone when Liam also found out Celyn likes Ethan. Beatrice showed great dislike to Celyn because she believes Celyn is changing Margaux, while Julio defended Celyn. Theresa decided to moved to Manila with her father, Zacharias, and was found by Julio, who confronted her and asked where she took his real child. Theresa tried to hide Celyn from Julio, but they already met each other.
When Margaux and Ethan decided to elope, they were thwarted by Beatrice after Celyn informed her of the escape attempt. Margaux couldn't believe Celyn would betray her, and their feud began. Ethan tried to get Margaux back, but she denied their relationship, leaving Ethan lonely and depressed. Celyn and Ethan became closer together and Ethan confessed his feelings for Celyn. Margaux longed for Liam's company, but Liam always tried to defend Celyn whenever Margaux taunted her. Celyn was hurt at how Margaux treated her. Beatrice, who was really Theresa's maternal half-sister through their mother Yolanda, found out that Julio and Theresa were meeting each other. Infuriated, she lashed out at Theresa and confrontations ensued. Julio then revealed to a shaken Celyn that she was actually their missing daughter, and Beatrice immediately regretted hating her.
Beatrice remained opposed to Theresa, and legal issues about who gets Celyn started. They agreed that Celyn will stay in Beatrice's house for the weekdays and Theresa's at the weekends. Now graduated, Celyn and Margaux's feud intensified as Margaux became more confident, determined to destroy Celyn who bested her by becoming vice-president at Memorata. Margaux thought she loves Liam and craves for his company, and Celyn forgives Ethan, after a dispute during their graduation. Celyn remained angered at Liam, and Liam confessed his feelings to Celyn. A jealous Margaux tried to win Liam back. Theresa's cousin, Oscar, has flashbacks of Theresa's pregnancy; when the midwife delivered twins, he decided to kept it a secret. The original plan was that Beatrice and Julio raise the child after its birth, but Theresa refused, saying that she carried the child and was thus its mother. After Theresa gave birth, Oscar took one child and gave it to Beatrice as promised. It was revealed that Celyn and Margaux were the twins delivered of Theresa, and Zacharias admits to having engineered the exchange, adding he did so to keep the peace between the two half sisters. Margaux's hatred towards Celyn became more relaxed but dangerous; she is a part of the family after all.
Mio Buenaventura, who was Theresa's deceased husband, is revealed to have faked his death and now seeks revenge. Mio shot Julio, sending him into a coma, and while waiting on him in hospital, Celyn and Margaux reconciled and prayed for their father's recovery. Julio woke up and was discharged, but Mio still threatened them. Theresa eventually realized that Ethan's friend, Diego Medina - who had become close to her when she went back to university – was Joshua, her long-lost firstborn whom Mio had spirited away years before. Driven by guilt and grief, Theresa tried to get Diego back. Celyn and Ethan spied around Mio's house, trying to find evidence confirming their theory of a link between him and Diego. Mio caught them, allowing Ethan to escape and holding Celyn hostage, torturing her repeatedly. Mio asked for an exorbitant ransom from Lucas Elizalde, Beatrice's father, who was Mio's employer and thus the mastermind. Lucas, who wanted Mio dead lest he be implicated, agreed and sent him the money through Theresa.
In the rescue operation, policeman fired at Mio while Diego escaped, taking Celyn with him to an abandoned kitchen. Panicking, Diego randomly fired his gun, causing several LPG[disambiguation needed] tanks to explode and burn the room. Margaux tried to save Celyn from the flames, but both were eventually rescued by Liam, while Mio was placed under hospital arrest. Lucas planned Mio's escape attempt because Diego had blackmailed him. After having a happy reunion, Liam proposed to Celyn, which she accepted. They all learned that Mio had escaped, and he visited Theresa again, stabbing Liam three times and before disappearing once more. Beatriz then planned to flee to Singapore for their safety, and she finally reconciled with Theresa one night, amidst hugs and tears. Margaux, Theresa, Celyn and Beatrice were then kidnapped by Mio and Diego. Lucas, who had gone to hiding with the two men after being exposed, saw Beatrice and he text Yolanda on their location. When police reinforcements came in, Mio ordered Diego to shoot his own mother, which he refused to do after a nervous breakdown. Angered, Mio tried to wrest the gun from Diego, and after a struggle pulled the trigger, shooting his son before a distraught Theresa. Diego asked her to forgive him and died, causing Mio to roil in emotional agony for killing his own son. Theresa managed to flee with the others, but Mio cornered them. He was about to shoot Theresa when Julio arrived and shot Mio. They all hugged each other while Ethan and Liam ran to meet them, but Mio stirred and shot Theresa in the back before being himself killed by the police.
In hospital, Theresa came close to death, but survived the gunshot wound. The last scenes showed Celyn and Margaux over Joshua's grave, saying they forgive him, and pictures of Margaux & Ethan and Celyn & Liam, married to each other. Lucas was in prison being visited by Yolanda, who forgave him for what he did. Celyn and Margaux eventually became pregnant, with Liam and Ethan by their sides, and Celyn gave birth, followed by Margaux. The series ends with scenes of the entire extended family in church for the baptism of the babies, with Celyn and Margaux's babies holding hands while their mothers' arms. 

Watak Celyn dilakonkan oleh Kim Chiu.  Manakala watak Margaux dilakonkan oleh Maja Salvador.

Kenapa aku suka sangat tengok ni drama??? Apa special nya about this drama selain jalan ceritanya?? Ada 3 sebab.

Yang pertama… aku sangat suka tengok rambut si Margaux yang ikal/curl-curl tu.

Yang kedua aku sangat suka tengok fesyen baju yang diperagakan oleh si Margaux.

Dan yang ketiga… of course la pasal kasut-kasut yang diperagakan oleh si Margaux! Dalam drama ni mengisahkan keluarga Marasigan own this Memorata Shoes Company.  Dan rupa-rupanya kasut memorata ni memang wujud!  Local philippine brand.  Cantik-cantik lagi tu kasutnya… Heyyy…. kenapa la tiada ni brand jual di Malaysia… huhuu….

Dan yang paling manang…. ini kasut juga la…. sangat cumil…  Ini la kasut iconic dalam drama ni.  Rupanya ini kasut limited edition pula ya.  Kena  special order kalau mo beli.  I want this shoes please…. siapa mau ke Manila?? Tolong beliiiikannn… HELPPPP….

Friday, January 24, 2014

Chinese Horoscope 2014 for Rabbit

Rabbit is a shy, alert and resourceful animal. It can run very quickly. But Horse can run even faster. Horse can inspire Rabbit's potential, creativity and courage. In Chinese Five Elements theory, Rabbit is in the Wood group. Wood is related to tree. Horse contains Fire, Fire is related to Sun. Tree always need the energy from Sun to grow taller. Therefore, When Rabbit meets Horse, Rabbit receives lots of benefits from Horse. 2014 must be a good year to Rabbit people.  (Yaa… tidak sabar sudah aku ni)

There are Happiness StarRomantic StarSun Star and Blessing Star appearing in year of Wooden Horse. Rabbit people will do well in their career development. They will have good people relationship with their friends and good love relationship with their families. A surprising, joyful and happy event will happen in 2014.

Career: 2014 is Wooden Horse Year. Wood of 2014 brings Rabbit friends, supports and courage. Horse contains Fire and Earth. Earth represents money to Rabbit. Therefore, Horse brings Rabbit talent and money. The conclusion is Rabbit people can handle any challenges of career and earn a good income from their jobs in 2014.
Rabbit people are kind, clam, poised with outstanding talent. They will have many idea out of their mind for their jobs. They also have endless energy to implement their tasks. They have good people relationship in their working environment. Their communication skill will be improved significantly. All these factors will help Rabbit people working easy in the office. But they don't have too much chance for a job promotion, since the Career Star doesn't appear in 2014. But their pay will increase, because the Money Star is hidden in the Horse.

When Rabbit learns how to run faster from Horse, Rabbit might become proud, then arrogant. This will impact the career development. Be nice to people and stay away the political competition are very important for your future career path.

Money: The money luck is great to Rabbit people in 2014. (Wowww!! Harap-harap betul la) Rabbit people will use more their talent, appearance, reputation and presentation to earn money. (Lemahnya aku disebut talent.  Huhuu…) Either you work for someone or own your business, you must use their brain and wisdom to pursuit extra income. This kind of opportunity in 2014 won't happen every year. If you are too lazy, then you still have a good financial year, but you won't have extra saving.

Rabbit people will spend more their time on social activities in the Horse year. Your social expense will increase. If you have personal money transitions with friends, that's not a good idea. If a friend invites you a risky adventure for a quick return, then that's not a good idea, either. There is a sign of money loss related to friends in 2014. (Takuttttt….) Your income must earn using your energy or brain. Your money luck is good in 2014, but you still need to watch the risk.

Love: Both Romantic Star and Happiness Star are coming in the year of Horse. The love relationship to Rabbit people is super.  Rabbit people don't have too much love opportunity last year, because there was a Lonely Star in 2013. 2014 is totally different. If you are looking for love, then it's time to go out to join social activities. Your appearance and expression will impress people and people will pay more attention on you. The friendship will build from there.

If you are in love, then it's time to build deeper relationship. The engagement or marriage opportunity is possible. But don't push yourself too hard. To respect your lover's feeling and opinion is very critical. If you are marred and plan for a baby, then 2014 is a good year to welcome the new born. This is because that the animal of Rabbit can reproduce its next generation very fast.

Health: Just like in 2013, Rabbit people need to use lots of brain power for their career and people relationship. Since the busy schedule, Rabbit people should learn better time management for your task and the social events. To maintain a good health is required enough rest and relaxation. There is a hurting sign in 2014. Rabbit people might have to travel more than last year. (Maksudnya… aku kena pigi holiday lebih banyak dari tahun lepas.  Huhuu…) You should focus the driving safety while on the road.

2014 is a Wooden Horse year, which is a strong Fire year. It's possible that Rabbit people have too much Fire or too less Water in 2014. Too much Fire will cause problem in cardiovascular system. Too less Water will cause problem in urinary system.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

My Birthday Prezzie 2013

Walaupun birthdayku sudah 2 bulan berlalu, aku masih mau post hadiah harijadi yang aku terima.  Almost setiap tahun aku akan blog hadiah-hadiah yang aku terima dari kawan-kawan rapat.  Aku suka masukkan gambar-gambar hadiah yang aku terima ke blogku pasal aku akan tengok semula for my remembrance.  Pada pendapatku hadiah harijadi tu tidak semestinya mahal... yang penting adalah keikhlasan dan tanda ingatan/kasih sayang kawan-kawan terhadapku.   Orang bilang... it's the thought that counts!

So, here it is... my birthday prezzie for the year 2013. 

From Ziela, Chris & Zeera

From Toucher 

From Natasha @ Nitot

From cousin Gee

From Terence.T (Pilihanku)

 From my niece, Carmila 
(This is my birthday wishlist)

From Zimah

From Ratiman

From Melterney (Ini pilihanku sendiri.  Pasal tidak tau mau beli apa. Hehehe)

From Saima & Roslinah
(Ini pun pilihanku sendiri. Main buyuk. Hehehe)

 From Cindy

From Hassanal (Siapa boleh teka apa isinya ni?)

From my blogger friend - Cath.J

So, from the voucher aku beli ini.  Lawa tak??

 From Nana & Yusri (Pilihanku)

Another Pandora Charm - from Yazmin

From Radi.  Ini pun kes main buyuk.  Ini jam aku beli di Dubai and claim balik duit dengan Radi.  Hahahaa... Pandai kan aku... tak payah dia pening kepala cari hadiah untuk aku yang cerewet ni. 

From Cdar - Thomas Sabo charm

 From Donna

Unexpected present from a new friend - Azizah.G

From Melania.  Paling menang dapat angpow. Lol.

Birthday card paling menang ini tahun.  Me... melting.  Huhuu.... I love you my friend

Another angpow from Mary.  Lol.

So, from the two angpows... i bought this charm from Thomas Sabo 

From Kak Ardizah.M

 Unexpected birthday prezzie from Ashniza.S

From Zura (Natasha's/Nitot's cousin)

Evening dress from BFF Salmah Arnie

Birthday gift paling menang - Samsung Galaxy Camera from BFF Aryati.  I don't expect she gave this to me as a birthday prezzie.  Selama ni cuma main-main mau minta belikan ni camera.  Hahaha... Mana sangka betul-betul dapat.  Memang rezeki la!

From my nephew Azzad (Ini memang my birthday wishlist)

Another instant camera from Chloe! Tapi yang ini jenis wide.  

Kesimpulannya saya dapat 3 biji kamera ini tahun.  Yahoooo.... Memang rezeki saya la. Hahaha... Saya juga boleh menghadiri dinner/party selepas ini sebab saya dapat evening dress with clutch and kasut... and also accessories... and make up/lipstick! Lol!

So, rasanya apa yang saya beli untuk diri saya sendiri ini tahun? Cuba teka???



Ini saja laa...



Thursday, November 28, 2013

Super Star Aquarius is in Sabah!

Gotta try this!  Nampak ni iklan cruise di wall FB.  Menarik sungguh kerana harga bermula serendah RM170.00++!  Woww! Amazing!! Punya best...  Tapi apakan daya aku ni tak berani kalau naik cruise-cruise ni.  Aku ni jenis mabuk laut dan darat ya!! Kuat betul aku punya motion sickness!  Nasib baik naik kapalterbang aku tak mabuk pulak - Thank God.

Just imagine setiap kali travelling yang melibatkan jalan bengkang bengkok or air... aku terpaksa makan ubat mabuk.  Kalau aku tak makan... nehhh.... abis la...  bulih jadi 3 hari 3 malam aku sakit dan asyik muntah-muntah.  Selama ni aku asyik bergantung makan ubat kalau mau travelling. Makan ubat pun masih juga terasa sedikit mabuk ya... So, jangan harap la aku berani naik cruise walaupun aku terhingin.... sesekali... ku rasa teringin.... (menyanyi ala-ala Shiema konok aku. Huahuahua...).

Okay... apa yang aku merapuh ni tiba-tiba cerita pasal mabuk laut la... mabuk darat la...  so sambung balik cerita la.  Macam siok pulak bah naik cruise ni kan.  Ni aku mau share sedikit foto-foto yang aku google from internet/fb kawan.  At least walaupun aku tak naik ni kapal... dapat la sedikit gambaran pasal ni Super Star Aquarius kan.  Mari kita tengok.

Ada juga childcare dalam kapal ni.  

Woww... salon pun ada ya.

Haa... karaoke pun ada!  Bulih laa jadi Shiema ni.  Hahaha...

Woww! Ini yang paling menarik ni! Ada performance.  Seksi-seksi lagi tu.

Yang paling aku rasa seronok mau pigi ni cruise kan... pasal ada shopping ya! Tidak lain dan tidak bukan! Hahaha....

So apa tunggu lagi?? Sila laa layari website ini ataupun call saja bah nombor di atas tu 085-211323.  Jangan lupa share pengalaman anda ya!