Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rabbit Feng Shui 2013

2013 Yearly Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit




The odds are in your favor to improve existing relationships and create new ones, so don't be shy. The Snake shares your desire to go first-class. (Cewahhh...) Now is the time to walk down the red carpet and put on the Ritz. To make the most of the Snake's energy this year, use private moments to lure your lover into relaxing and letting their hair down. After the fabulous dinner out on the town, bring your partner back to your exclusive love nest and give them all you've got.


A Snake year influences your stomach and skin. (I'm scared... uhuu...) Try to maintain a healthy diet, especially in the winter time when you're prone to influenza and colds. During summer, protect your skin from the sun and dryness. It's also important for you to keep yourself mentally fit while guarding against mental fatigue. There are many opportunities for you to grab this year -- but be sure to grab some rest too! To balance out any mental anxiety, try yoga or tai-chi. (Ni kali laaa)


Luck is on your side this year, Rabbit! (Woww! I like) While business may not always be your preferred method of making money, some opportunities in the investment space may pay dividends for you. Take a sabbatical at the beginning of the year and think about how you can put your creative talents to work, and turn a buck or two. Days that have a Metal-Water mix will be especially auspicious for you this year.

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