Friday, February 20, 2015

2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope For Rabbit

2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit


Yippee! Will you look at that: 12 for 12! We'll take that any day. Of course, some months are better than others. But we must say, this year could be very nice for you. And why not? The Sheep is the Rabbit's best friend. So get out there and do your thing. It really doesn't matter what that is. The important thing is to just do it. New projects. Big changes. Going off in a different direction. Taking a few risks. Now is the time to play big. There's only one thing that could slow you down: Emotions can run high with the Sheep in charge. If you're a typical Rabbit, you know that they sometimes get the best of you, so remember to keep self-control in mind. And, you need to be sensitive to others feelings, too! It can be easy to hurt them in the coming months -- they may be having their own problems with self-control. You can handle it, though, so go have an exceptional year!


Rabbit, oh Rabbit. If anyone has the power to pull a triumph out of a hat, career-wise, that's you this year. Goodness! You've got so many green lights, it's like your whole life's a speedway, and you're unquestionably in the lead. That promotion you're after, the project you most want to lead, the corner office with the view to die for. You must be feeling rather buoyant, with all these victories piling up. You must be practically floating off the ground! But take it easy, darling. As you may have learned from the tortoise, slow and steady -- with an emphasis on steady -- wins the race. 2015 is a Yin year. As with last year's Yang, risk and daring will continue to work their wonders. It's wise to stick with your familiar habit of quiet diplomacy, though. Stay close to your team, even if it's a new one. Cement those crucial relationships, encourage your associates in their victories and just keep racking up trophies.


Surprise! (Or is it?) You are hugely favored in love this year! Most loving of animals, your delight in matters of romance and family will not diminish any time soon. Your desires for playful, healing intimacy will increase AND be met, with partners and offspring all sharing the magic your compassionate nature attracts. There'll be many loved ones to nurture and encourage, especially in your marriage and commitment. Existing relationships will only grow more fruitful. New relationships will spring up like April flowers. Kisses, hugs and rug burns are all at your fingertips. So go ahead. Continue your natural thoughtfulness. Wield that irresistible smile. Indulge your penchant for making romantic gifts ... and your opportunities for loving intimacy will multiply like, well ... rabbits.


You're the picture of health: Lean, sleek and toned. The other signs might learn a thing or two! There's little to change, though it's well worth adding an exercise or two. With the Sheep in charge, emotional health may well be tricky this year. Think 'self-control', if in no other area than containing your excitement at all the good things happening for you. Those around you, too, are likely to be soothed by your calm, self-possessed approach. Daily meditation, yoga and breathing practices will come effortlessly to you now. Add regular spa treatments and weekly massage. Your social health will benefit as a result. Self-mastery is easily within reach, dear Rabbit. And will have far-reaching, lasting benefits. Humility, also, will go a long way to show just how authentically healthy you're becoming. Those closest to you will soon learn to dance to that catchy tune you're humming!


Prosperity is as prosperity does. Hoarded wealth is no wealth at all, and nobody does prosperity quite like the Rabbit. Here's your chance to share your good fortune, as you've always dreamed you would -- family vacations, high-quality gifts, even riding lessons for your kids. By all means, treat your loved ones! But please don't neglect yourself. After all, it's the fruits of your labor that make it possible to help so many improve. New shoes and clothes, a better guitar, even a nicer car will make life that much more enjoyable. There's no shame in coming up in the world. Even a humble star still rocks the house! Go ahead. Live a little. It's not like you're rocking the boat.

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